Glass Balustrades

Get the ultimate in modern design

Are you looking to open up a view around your property? Glass balustrade is the perfect solution for inside and outside your home. Glass balustrade is changing the look and value of homes across Sydney with its ability to blend with classic styles and modern designer homes. The safety and long life of a glass balustrades system along with its timeless appeal is powering the trend toward using glass balustrades and handrails.

 Glass With Glass can provide you with all the information you need to make the correct choice for your frameless glass balustrade in Sydney. We can help with choosing which type of railings are needed and which will provide the safest and best looking result. Prior to all work we need to ensure your deck is safe and up to standard. We can provide everything you need and our solutions could involve pinned glass sections or core drilled into concrete, deck mountings for timber balconies and verandahs as well as custom glass panels for stairways and mezzanine areas. Our mission is to make your property safe to the building code and provide the brilliant aesthetic appeal of glass at an affordable price. Glass With Class specialises in glass balustrades, pool fencing and custom glass roofing. Be sure to check out our service areas and give us call today!


Everything you need to get your NSW Pool Safety Registration


NSW Dept Fair Trading LIC 222991C


Installations meet Australian Building Code